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Lawn Care Services

Mar 30

Residential lawn care services include mowing, edging, weed whacking, trimming, and debris removal. A full-service landscaper can also offer more specialized treatments like dethatching, aeration, and weed control. Many companies also provide landscaping services, including hardscaping. In this case, a landscaper will build walkways and patios using brick, concrete, flagstone, or other materials. Other common hardscaping services include installing fountains, pools, and other decorations to add an aesthetic appeal to a property. For more visit

If you’re looking for a company that provides professional landscaping services, check out their website and customer reviews. Ideally, you should choose a local company that has extensive experience in the area and understands the climate and soil conditions of your region. This will help them plan the right landscaping services for your property, and they’ll know when to schedule essential treatments throughout the year.

The Friends Lawn Care Services also offer lawn maintenance, which helps homeowners keep their yards healthy and attractive. This can be a good recurring revenue stream. In addition, customers appreciate the convenience of having a lawn service handle their grass and plant care.

The most basic of lawn services is mowing. A mowing service typically includes cutting the entire yard and trimming the edges of the grass. Some mowing services even offer trimming and weed whacking, which can remove weeds that have grown into shrubs or flower beds. Other lawn services include aeration, which involves pulling small plugs out of the soil or pushing spikes into it to relieve soil compaction and promote growth. Aeration can be done alone or as part of a comprehensive lawn care program that includes seeding and dethatching.

Fertilizing is another important lawn treatment. It helps grass grow faster and healthier, and it can help prevent turf diseases. A good lawn requires a regular fertilization schedule, which should begin in the spring and continue until mid-autumn.

A lawn service should be equipped with the right equipment for the job. This can include a drop or broadcast spreader, an aerator, a power rake, and a lawn mower. A spreader makes the process of distributing lawn seed more efficient and accurate, while an aerator loosens up the soil to make it easier for water and nutrients to flow through.

Some lawn services may also offer cleanup services, which can be a good recurring revenue source for the business. This can include removing fallen leaves, branches, and other debris from the yard. It’s an especially important service in the fall, when deciduous trees shed their leaves. A fall yard clean-up can help homeowners maintain a lush and attractive yard during the winter. This can also boost the curb appeal of the property for prospective buyers.