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Water Damage Claims: Frozen Pipes, Broken Pipes & Plumbing Leaks

Dec 29

The most easily prevented burst pipes and water damage could and will be denied by homeowners ' insurance companies. If it happens, we'll talk about how to prevent it from happening and how to make sure your insurance provider doesn't deny this kind of damage claim.

A little background. According to Verisk Analytics ISO property damage claims general accounted for 98.1 percent of homeowners' insurance losses "water damage and freezing" was responsible for nearly 1/5th of these claims (source). It's about five percent of homeowners insurance claims that were filed between 2013 and 2017.

The pipe freezes and bursts, leading to water damage and leaks in the plumbing

One in 50 homeowners made claims for water damage during that same 5-year period, and the cost average for every claim was $11,182. That's quite a bit of destruction! The water leak can cause damage to drywall and flooring and trims, paint windows, doors furniture, and other property when pipes freeze. It may cause chaos.

It isn't something that anyone wants to happen to their home or company. Follow the advice below to make sure you are doing everything you can to prevent water damage caused by frozen, broken and burst pipes.

There are two major categories of tips to prevent freezing pipes and the damage they cause: controlling air temperature and controlling the flow of water.

Control Air Temperatures by insulating water pipes:

The sealing of leaks that permit cold air to get into walls where water pipes are situated is possible. Several products can help with this. We provide insulating foam sealant to our clients and their homes. It can be used to fill in and seal cracks in siding, gaps where electrical wiring enters the structure, etc.

Caulking these leaks could help as well. Keep in mind the fact that water damage caused by damaged pipes is most common when pipes that are used for water in the exterior freeze. This is why this is a great starting point when trying to prevent freezing problems with plumbing.

You can check out pipe insulation products at stores like Home Depot for easy options to protect the water pipes. The heat tape, which warms pipes whenever they're required to stop the pipes from freezing in the winter months, is available. It is best to consult a qualified, licensed professional plumber for this.

Prevent Freezing by Controlling Water Flow:

When temperatures plunge dramatically this winter, you can help make sure the pipes in your home don't freeze by keeping a couple faucets open until the cold winter air moves out.

It is important to switch off the outside water valves and then disconnect the hose your spicket. When the hose is in use, water cannot drain from the hose and bib. This is likely to lead to freezing and bursting as temperatures drop. To prevent freezing, switch off your hose when temperatures drop below zero.

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